Transcription & Language Classes
Sharper Translation Services offers transcription services to businesses of all industries.

Members of the Sharper Team pay attention to detail and are experienced. All transcriptions are provided in a timely manner and guaranteed for accuracy.

We are dedicated to providing high quality transcription to the legal, medical, and corporate fields.

Sharper Translation skilled voiced talents are dedicated to successfully completing recordings in all areas of the corporate, industrial, and communication industries.

A careful evaluation of your needs and the details of the project are done to ensure a quality recording for the finished project.
Language Classes
Sharper Translation provides classes that can help you learn a new language or improve your language skills. Our programs are built around your needs. We provide group language classes as well as corporate language classes.

Sharper Translation Services, Inc., organizes customized language classes in ESL (English as a Second Language), Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, French, and Chinese. Our classes meet every week for two hours, after regular business hours, and/or on weekends (we will accommodate to fit your schedule). Sharper will organize corporate language classes on site or in a designated meeting place.

Sharper offers custom packages to you, our corporate clients, with the intent to enable you to achieve your professional communication goals.

A highly trained and accredited instructor is assigned to your group. We evaluate the needs of the group and set a schedule that accommodates to your needs and time frame. Our programs include Sharper’s exclusive training materials.

Expanding your business communication skills
Sharper has helped so many people break the language barrier enabling them to expand their business horizons.


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